25 Nigerian Officers visit Naval Command


Naval Captain Eric Adu, Command Operations Officer of the Western Naval Command, on Thursday, stressed the need for Ghana to have ownership of patrols around the Jubilee fields.

He said the prospects of the oil industry was expanding, and the brighter lights would continue to attract fishes, and that constant patrol was, therefore, key in controlling activities of recalcitrant fishermen.

Naval Captain Adu was giving an overview of the Oil and Gas-Security Implications when 25 Nigerian Officers from Course 22 of the Nigerian National Defense College paid a study tour to the base.

The Commander of Operations added that: “Using our own boats with our own RIBs will ensure more effectiveness and efficiency at getting the fishermen off the area.

He said the present posture of naval personnel in civilian security boats was not so intimidating to the fishermen.

Naval Captain Adu added that the infrastructure associated with these offshore oil and gas industry were highly vulnerable to many threats, including maritime border disputes, oil theft, piracy and armed robbery.

He said protection of such facilities called for multi-agency approach adding, the mission of Ghana is to develop and deploy maritime forces with the capability to ensure, a safe, secure and clean maritime domain.

Commodore Godson Zowonoo, Flag Officer of the Western Naval Command, said the dockyard redevelopment programme was on course to make it commercially viable.

Air Commodore Kopjigompen Lar, College Secretary of the Nigeria National Defence College, said the study tour was a module of the college’s Geo-Strategic World Study and was to help officers understand the political and socio-economic environment of Ghana.

He expressed satisfaction about various policies and programmes put in place in the mining sector, and mentioned particularly efforts to reclaim land after mining.

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