Ghana Navy Visits the Regional Maritime University


As a reciprocal gesture to visit by Management of RMU to the Ghana Navy Headquarters, Officials of the Ghana Navy also paid a visit to RMU on Thursday 6th August, 2015.

Present was the Chief of Naval Staff, Chief Staff Officer and other top naval personnel.

The focus of the visit was to appreciate the facilities that RMU has and to establish collaboration between our two institutions for training of naval personnel.  The visit was also to address the issue of training of RMU cadets.

The Chief of Naval Staff decided that they would give practical training to RMU cadets on board their vessels whilst RMU would give necessary training in Marine Engineering and other programmes.  The Ghana Navy was desirous of having another institution apart from the Navy to depend on in various aspects of naval training, hence finding RMU suitable as a platform for advanced knowledge acquisition.

The Ghana Navy’s short course requirements for their officers  fall in the following areas:

  • Fire fighting practicals
  • Deck hand courses
  • Seamanship (for navy ratings)
  • Refresher courses for navy technical staff
  • Vocational aspects of Electrical Engineering
  • Logistics i.e. CILT: both Certificate and Diploma
  • Supply Chain Management

The Ghana Navy would like to collaborate with RMU in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Maritime Security and Law
  • MTISGOG on RMU Campus –  Navy more of enforcement than monitoring and so beneficial to merge with RMU

In response to training request by the Ghana Navy for Masters in Marine Engineering, RMU indicated capability of running such a programme but needs to put measures in place to facilitate this and would find it feasible to begin with running Post-Graduate Diploma programmes in the shorter term.  Hence, it was requested that a Post-graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering should be developed and submitted to the Director of Naval Training for further discussion.

The Ghana Navy delegation were warmly welcomed and given a familiarization tour  to the various facilities of RMU i.e. Full Mission Engine Room Simulator, Bridge Simulator, Well Control Simulator, Process Operator Simulator, Control, Pneumatic, Electronic, Hydraulics, Technical Preparation, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Laboratories.  The VIMIS facility for MTISGOG, the facility for Monitoring of Piracy and sharing of information on vessels along the Gulf of Guinea stationed on RMU Campus was also visited.

The Chief of Naval Staff and other Naval officials were highly impressed with RMU facilities and found them relevant and conducive for the technical collaboration between the two institutions.  Given such modern development  in RMU infrastructure, they concluded that they would no longer need to train their personnel outside Ghana but would gladly send them for training at RMU instead.

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